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Strongest know immune system support. Increase NK Killer cell activity.

This is a collection of information on tried and medically tested methods used by many doctors globally in a very successful battle against the ravages of cancer. The approaches here will all be holistic using things God made to support and strengthen your immune system.  

                           Transfer Factor increases 
                       NK Killer Cell activity over 400%
            NK Killer Cells are cancer cells worst nightmare.
              The stongest weapon against cancer is right
                               inside of your body!


                       How to "RELEASE THE KRAKEN"
People with cancer have often used 6 Transfer Factor Plus  per day and 2 to 4 ounces of Rio Vida (Liquid TF ) Therapeutic level is 1200 to 2400 mg per day. If you have cancer take as much as you can afford. These products are in the physicians desk reference so ask your doctor to recommend them and you can sometimes get your insurance company to reimburse you. They are very inexpensive.

For a world of information on Transfer Factor

TO ORDER TRANSFER FACTOR call  888 454 3374 8am-10pm EST Weekdays use ID #6492622 & give your address.     



Our advice is to use EVERYTHING you can find with proven results in this fight. Have your doctors test your levels often to see what kind of progress you are making. Give your body every weapon thinkable.
Make GOOGLE your best friend, study and research everything you find here as well as search every thought that comes to you as a possible something to help you win this war.


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All out IMMEDIATE-MASSIVE action is a must. No time to waste because the enemy is moving while you sleep & soldier we need you alive so we will start with the strongest weapons known and work backwards. Good success on your mission! You can do this and take no prisoners. With a strong desire/determination to live / a made up mind over half the battle is already won. Fear, hopelessness, emotional devastation,etc. quite simply are your immune systems worst enemies. Surround yourself with prayer, positivity, positive people, other cancer survivors & those who have a made up mind to beat it. The contents of this site will turn all that around for you...

                        Medical doctor having great success 
                        with Sodium Bicarbonate Part 1                                                 



                                         Part 2


                       Kill Cancer Leonard Coldwell pt 1/6



                 How to use baking soda yourself at home


               The Story Behind A 92.3% Cancer Cure Rate


                       A little eye opener-We hope you are
                                        sitting down.


Medical Breakthru....


            Alkaline Food Cookbook with Alkaline Recipes
                 Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body


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TO ORDER TRANSFER FACTOR call  888 454 3374 8am-10pm EST Weekdays use ID #6492622 & give your address.